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no dont worry about it

im just terrified we will screw up these two like we did thw last two

thats why i wont take you everywhere

thats why i wont get on the freeway

thats why i drive so damn slow


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I am really worried about this up coming weekend. you will be a little to occupied with that game and them. i want to do something to make up for the arguing and the fights and the snapping and biting you're head off. i promise i will fix it. i want to fix it all

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i only went there to make you happy. please remeber that when you wake up. please maybe role over and give me a call. i love you

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part one
Got dumped by my boyfirend of 9 months. and im sorry to drag it up but got to wake up to the worst sight in my life. him holding on to another girl who was in my place. its long gone i forgive one of you but not him. i honetly wish you could have felt that burn and answered that little question the one you still wont answer because you are to damn occupied. how could you.

part two

started to date jayk the person who i want to move on in life with. he has taken so much from me. he watched me fall and helped me to become an actual good person. I really couldnt see much now if it wasnt for him. he was always there and always will be. he has taken a lot in his life and I hope i can make up for some of it. maybe undo the damage i did. I love him

to everyone else

casey- i still think you are the most remarkable person i have ever met and ever will. i know we do not see a lot of each other and that is mostly my fault im sorry. i hope we can still remain friends.

anna- you are my rock, the only decent person who deserves nothing but happiness in her life. i love you to death and thank you for everything.im sorry for not being there more like i should be. i promise this next year to be a better friend.

hayley- i love you to death. you more then anyone deserve to expierence peace of mind. i admire you for being able to tolerate it all, and still construct the perfect penis cookie. *franz ferdinand song here!

aubrey- we have had our ups and downs. i forgive you. you are to amazing to stay mad at. i hope we can become better friends.

calli- im sorry im leaving it at that. i dont expect you to be my friend again. i violate trust and if i was yu i wouldnt trust me either.

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look i dont understand why i blow up on people. i dont understand why i feel so angry and no longer sympathetic to anyone. im sorry i snap and bite heads off and look like a complete idiot, but its just the way i feel. i know its weird and annoying and alittle iritating , but it just pops out.